Baracoa 16oz Cuban-Style Espresso ~Custom Ground~

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Our traditional blend and roast is dark, bold, and 100% Arabica Coffee with a note of tobacco and beautiful crema when brewed with an espresso machine or moka pot. 

Nuestra mezcla y tueste tradicional es café oscuro, audaz y 100% arábica con una nota de tabaco y una hermosa crema cuando se prepara con una máquina de café expreso o una olla de moka.

  • Custom Ground Coffee (Café Molido Distincto)
  • 16 oz (1 lb)

Please select a grind based on your preferred brewing method.

  • Whole Bean - Arrives not ground, for the coffee enthusiast who grinds their own
  • French Press - A coarse grind for press or permanent metal filter
  • Auto Drip - For traditional coffee machines using paper filters
  • Moka - For use with a traditional Cuban or Italian stove-top Moka pot
  • Espresso - For automated espresso machines